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Teachers' Summary Plan Description

Monday, June 16, 2014

This booklet is a Summary Plan Description of the benefits provided to you under the District of Columbia Teachers’ Retirement Plan (the Teachers’ Retirement Plan or the Plan) and relevant procedural information. The full text of the Plan is contained in Chapter 20 of Title 38 of the Code of the District of Columbia (D.C. Code). This SPD has been updated to include statutory changes through December 31, 2012, which include the following:

  • The “Omnibus Domestic Partnership Equality Amendment Act of 2008,” which allows teachers hired after September 30, 1987 to elect a survivor benefit for their registered domestic partner upon their retirement (DC Law 17-231).
  • The “District Retirement Program Post-Employment Health and Life Insurance Benefits Amendment Act of 2009,” which requires that a teacher must retire with at least 10 years of creditable District service to be eligible for District health care coverage to continue in retirement (D.C. Law 18-111).
  • The “Equity in Survivor Benefits Amendment Act of 2011,” which reduces to 55 (from 60) the age at which a surviving spouse would lose a survivor benefit due to remarriage (D.C. Law 19-301).

Additionally, explanations and examples have been expanded to make these often complex subjects easier to understand. You will also note that the administrative and procedural sections have been revised to reflect current benefits administration practices, and we have updated addresses and phone numbers of those you should contact (see pages 63-65) when you experience changes that affect the benefits you receive or are entitled to receive under the Plan. We hope you find these enhancements helpful.

Update June 2014 - Includes the Defense of Marriage Act language updates.

To view and download a PDF of the 2012 Teachers' Retirement Plan SPD, please use the PDF below.

If you have any questions, active teachers should contact the DCPS Office of Human Resources at (202) 442-4090. Retirees and survivors should call DCRB’s Member Services Center at (202) 343-3272 or toll-free at 1(866) 456-3272.