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Summary Of DCRB Communications Survey Is Released

Thursday, January 3, 2013
The 2012 DCRB Communications Survey was open to Plan members from August to November of 2012.

DCRB launched a communications survey in late August 2012, to gather feedback from members of the Plans. Since DCRB regularly communicates with members through newsletters, its website, emails, various mailings, and printed Plan materials, member feedback on these forms of communication is very important. DCRB plans to re-evaluate its communications strategy over the next few months with the assistance of results of the survey, which closed on Friday, November 16, 2012. The following general themes stood out from the results of the survey:

Simplify and Diversify Content

The majority of the respondents (80%) rated the overall content of the DCRB newsletter as”Excellent” or “Good,” but members also commented that they would like the content to be more user-friendly and to be printed in larger fonts. Respondents stated that they would like DCRB to use additional graphics and charts in future publications. Many respondents also asked DCRB to provide trending retirement news items like travel tips, health tips, investment trends, and Medicare and Social Security updates.

Who Answered the Communications Survey? statistics

Email vs. Paper Communication

While the majority of members stated that they want to receive both email and paper communications, 43% of respondents wanted to receive electronic communications to their designated email addresses only.

Social Media

While many respondents currently prefer to find items of interest on DCRB’s website or receive information through emails to their designated email addresses, 30% said they would also like DCRB to use Facebook as an additional media outlet for sharing information in the future.

Target The Message

DCRB currently creates the majority of its communications with its entire membership in mind, but 64% of Active and Retired Members are interested in receiving more targeted information in separate newsletters and emails.

Personalized Statements

Many respondents requested that DCRB issue electronic earning statements, send regular updates related to historical personal data and payments, and provide access to member data online. Through its current Retirement Modernization Program, DCRB is working with various District Agency partners to implement technology improvements to meet these needs in future years.