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Current Legislation

Last updated on March 23, 2016

Listed below are current legislative items affecting the District of Columbia Retirement Board (DCRB). For more information on each piece of legislation, view, and download the corresponding PDF from the list below. 
  • DC Law 20-236, “Firefighter Retirement While Under Disciplinary Investigation Amendment Act of 2014”:  This law changes the retirement procedure for a member of the Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department who retires when facing disciplinary charges. The law is effective March 11, 2015. 
  • H.R. 606, “Don’t Tax Our Fallen Public Safety Heroes Act”:  This Federal law amended the Internal Revenue Code to clarify that state-based survivor benefits on behalf of a public safety officer who has died as the direct and proximate result of a personal injury sustained in the line of duty are exempt from federal tax. The law is effective May 22, 2015.
  • IRS Notice 2015-07, “Relief for Certain Participants in § 414(d) Governmental Plans”: The Internal Revenue Service and Treasury Department announced in IRS Notice 2015-07 (Jan. 23, 2015) that they are updating the definition of a “governmental plan” to include charter school teacher participation. Many state teachers’ retirement systems, including the District of Columbia Teachers’ Retirement Plan, allow public charter school teachers to participate even though the charter school teachers work for a nongovernmental entity. Future federal proposed rules would allow public charter school teachers to participate in state or local retirement systems under certain circumstances without compromising the governmental plan status of those plans.
  • Proposed Bill 21-357, “Public Safety and Criminal Code Revisions Amendment Act of 2015”: Title VIII of the Bill, “Rehiring of Retired Metropolitan Police Department Officers by the Department of Forensic Sciences” would allow, with the exception of disability annuitants, retired police officers to be rehired at the discretion of the Director of the Department of Forensic Sciences as a temporary full-time or part-time employee without jeopardy to the police officer’s retirement benefits. This legislation is pending Council review.
  • Proposed Bill 21-464, "Public School Teachers Income Exclusion Act of 2015": For purposes of District taxes, this bill would exclude from gross income the annual salary of a District of Columbia Public School System (DCPS) teacher who taught a full academic year prior to the tax year in which the teacher applies for the exclusion.
  • Proposed Bill 21-465, "Pension or Other Retirement Income Exclusion from Income Tax Amendment Act of 2015": The bill would increase the amount of pension income excluded from District taxes from $3,000 to $10,000 for annuitants age 62-64 and would exclude up to $20,000 for annuitants age 65 and older.
  • Proposed Bill 21-467, "Fossil Fuel Divestment Act of 2015": This legislation would require DCRB to divest investments from certain companies holding the 100 largest fossil fuel reserves and prohibit investments in the same companies.
  • Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to repeal Chapter 15 of  in its entirety and replace with a new Chapter 15: Rules which currently comprise Chapter 15 of Title 7 DCMR set forth the Board's organizational structure and operational components. Based on a comprehensive review by the Board of these structural and operational components, the Board determined that adjustments are appropriate and necessary to improve performance, accomplish the Board's mission, and enable the Board to better fulfill its fiduciary obligations to participants and beneficiaries of the Retirement Program. The Board approved the proposed rules on February 18, 2016, and the rules were published in the DCRB on March 11, 2016. The 30-day comment period expires on Tuesday, April 11. Final rules will be scheduled to be published on April 22, 2016. 
  • Notice of Final Rulemaking amending section 1701, Annual Income Review, of Chapter 17 of Title 7The purpose of the final rule is to clarify when the annual earned income review conducted by DCRB for disability annuitants under the District of Columbia Police Officers and Firefighters' Retirement Plan ends, and to clarify that basic pay includes longevity pay and technical pay. For more information, see the PDF of the Notice of Final Rulemaking attached below.