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District of Columbia Retirement Board

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Investments Overview

The District of Columbia Retirement Board (DCRB), a defined benefit plan, manages and controls the assets belonging to the Teachers’ Retirement Plan and the Police Officers and Firefighters’ Retirement Plan. DCRB is charged by law with responsibility for the investment of these assets.

Historical Fund Rates of Return

The DCRB  Fund Performance (Net of Fees) as of September 30, 2023 is shown below:


1 Year  Annualized 

3 Year Annualized

5 Year Annualized

10 Year Annualized

20 Year Annualized

Total Fund  (net of fees)






Interim Policy Benchmark*


 4.6%   5.0%   5.7%   ---
Long Term Policy Benchmark**   ---    ---   --- ---   6.3%
Excess      1.2%  1.2%   0.3%   0.0%   -0.2%

*As of 9/30/23, the Interim Policy Benchmark is a composite of 9.6% MSCI Emerging Markets ND; 2.0% BC Global Agg ex USD; 5.7% BC (LB) US TIPS; 2.4% BC US Corporate High Yield; 2.4% Credit Suisse Leveraged Loan; 11.5% DCRB CA Glob PE & VC Idx(1QLag); 4.7% DCRB CA RE Idx (1QLag); 3.3% Total Public RE; 2.2% DCRB CA Energy & Royalties(1QL); 15.4% MSCI World ex USA ND; 7.0% BC U.S. Aggregate; 4.0% 50% JPM GBI-EM Global Diversified / 50% JPMorgan EMBI Global Diversified; 19.3% Russell 3000; 4.1% DCRB CA Infra(1QLag); 3.0% BC U.S. Long Govt. Bond Index; 1.0% ICE BofA ML 90 Day T-Bills; 2.3% DCRB CA Private Debt (1QLag).

**As of 9/30/23, the Long-Term Policy Benchmark is a composite of 10% MSCI Emerging Markets ND; 16% DCRB Real Assets Long Term; 3% DCRB Private Debt Long Term; 1% ICE BofA 3 Month Treasury Bill; 16% MSCI World ex USA ND, 20% Russell 3000; 9% DCRB Long Term Private Equity; 25% DCRB Fixed Income - Long Term.

Note: All returns are time-weighted and net of fees.

Other Investments Resources

For more information on Investments, access the links below:

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